Group Organization

Our group has one faculty member, four full-time Ph.D. students, and several undergraduate research interns. We collaborate closely with Prof. Ling-Yu Duan and Prof. Chao Xu from Peking University, Prof. Alex Kot from Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Yasuyuki Matsushita from Osaka University, and Prof. Ping Tan from Simon Fraser University, with co-supervised postdocs and students.

Team Member

  • Peiqi Duan / 段沛奇

    Ph.D. student (PKU 2019-)
    M.Eng., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2019
    duanqi0001 =AT=
  • Shuchen Weng / 翁书晨

    Ph.D. student (PKU 2019-)
    B.Eng., Tianjin University, 2019 =AT=
  • Jiajun Tang / 汤佳骏

    Ph.D. student (PKU 2020-)
    B.S., Peking University, 2020
    jiajun.tang =AT=
  • Yuchen Hong / 洪雨辰

    Ph.D. student (PKU 2020-)
    B.Eng., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2020
    super625 =AT=